We thrive on challenges; whether it is contemporary, traditional, or a design style of your taste, we can make it all happen.


Our Story

We come from a family of architects and turnkey contractors bringing with us 15+ years of experience. We eventually developed our own design language which led us to found WE3 Studios in Hyderabad in 2015 to give expression to our vision.

We noticed that people had a misconception that design is a choice and not a necessity and that it was meant for the rich. Our vision was take it as a challenge to prove that designs are for everyone.

We also like to experiment with fresh ideas as we feel that every project should have its own identity. We began with simple ideas based on the history/experiences of the client/brand. Since no two people/brands have the same story, no two of our designs were similar. This approach and our commitment gained us the trust of many clients.

Our Team

Nikhil Jain

Inspired by his father’s work, Nikhil decided to explore the field of architecture to learn and to evolve his own unique design language. This led him to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Hyderabad, India. Well-versed with the latest technical advancements in his field, Nikhil is also quite old-school when it comes to explaining his designs to clients using hand illustrations at which he is very adept. He enjoys working equally on large and small projects such as kiosks, stores, furniture and loves experimenting with new design approaches.